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One of the services Stal Tandhof offers is Training & Coaching by Jack Ansems. Through many years of experience at large competitions with a lot of different horses, Jack knows exactly what the most important factors are to increase your skills and achieve better results!


Jack followed the education from the KNHS/NOC*NSF Trainer/Coach level 5. He trains riders of all kind of levels. Together with the student, he makes a customized training plan and competition schedule. The training can be for a short- and longtime period. Full time training is also an option; this means being 100% coached by Jack and includes stabling, training and going to the shows. For more information you can always contact us.  



Throughout his career, Jack has ridden and trained a lot of different horses and achieved high results with them. With those experiences and his talent for educating horses, he has a developed eye for knowing how to improve the quality of the horse.

One of the requirements of training your horse at Stal Tandhof is that they already have to be broken. 

For prices and information you can contact us by mail or phone. 



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